The Law Firm

AB&D Law Firm is located in Curitiba. The main goal of the firm is to provide efficient and accountable legal services of both consultancy and preventive nature, as well as those related to litigation. It offers customized services, focused on ethics and transparency towards clients and business partners. All partners seek a dynamic and efficient performance in prevention and resolution of conflicts.

The law firm practice concentrates in the areas of Civil Law, Business Law and Consumer Law, with emphasis on Intellectual Property, which includes trademarks, patents, software and copyright matters, among others.

The firm helps protecting intangible assets in administrative and judicial procedures, at a national and international level. It is formed by young professionals, specialized in the areas of practice advertised, which provides them technical quality obtained through constant academic development, to guarantee a service focused on excellency and efficiency.

É formado por profissionais jovens e especializados nas áreas de atuação do escritório, que lhes garante qualidade técnica, obtida por meio de constante aprimoramento acadêmico, para prestação de um serviço pautado na excelência e eficiência.